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Team As A Service (TaaS) That Expand Your Capabilities

Team As A Service (TaaS)

Wintegrity Team As A Service (TaaS) offers a simple and effective staffing approach where our clients have the opportunity to hire a ready-made expert team to execute various roles for a project. Our customers get the freedom to add any number of candidates with professional expertise to the team.

Our “Team As A Service” (TaaS) is the right solution for organizations looking to add more skilled members to the workforce but cannot commit to direct recruitment or long provider sourcing because of their fluctuating needs.

Our Team As A Service (TaaS) solutions have proven to be highly effective for companies that are dealing with limited budgets and tight deadlines. What you gain is a clever, cost-effective way of putting people in responsible roles without skimping on quality.

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TaaS Solutions For Better Agility

Wintegrity is an industry leader in providing high-grade services of a software company, dealing with everything from app development, software development to deployment of teams skilled in the field of IT. If it is the digital transformation that you are aiming for, Wintegrity is your best bet to source the best IT experts.
Dedicated IT Teams
Wintegrity is a bustling hub of well-trained and experienced IT professionals who are adept in dealing with simple or complex developmental projects for your organization. Hire our dedicated IT teams and scale your IT capabilities.
Our Dedicated IT team services are available in three different setups:
IT Staff Augmentation
Wintegrity enriches your IT department’s dynamic requirements with staff augmentation services that cater to diverse IT projects. We are experienced in serving clients ranging from large enterprises to IT startups.
Choose from any of our IT Staff Augmentation services and gain immense benefits.
IT Software Outsourcing
Wintegrity has everything you need for IT software outsourcing. We have a massive pool of talented resources, proven processes, and domain knowledge. Our strict adherence to quality and compliance with the time limits make our software development services an ideal choice.
Our IT Software Outsourcing services are focussed on guiding and reinforcing you with technical support that concerns:
IT Teams
IT Staff
IT Software

Effortless Access To Extended Teams

Want to speed up your organization’s performance and take your business ideas to the next level? Wintegrity’s Team As A Service (TaaS) Solutions offers services that create the ideal environment to strengthen your stronghold in IT.
Well-organized Approach
Our Team As A Service (TaaS) is methodically designed to operate in a segregated and autonomous manner. A swift yet systematic approach enables us to take over complex projects or even create an entirely new department.
Deep-seated Experience
A proven track record of consistent success stories in delivering a variety of IT solutions is proof of our team’s experience. We have worked with small, medium, and large enterprises and dealt with simple to extremely complex projects.
Well-founded Collaboration
Our collaboration does not end when our work with you is done. You can be assured of our team’s guided assistance for as long as you need them. To sum it up, at Wintegrity we keep customer satisfaction as our highest priority.
Far-reaching Support
Wintegrity’s Team As A Service (TaaS) team supports you every step of the way. From staffing, the delegation of work, and software outsourcing, you have our hands-on team dealing with all the important aspects of your project.

How We Deploy Our Team As A Service (TaaS)

Analyzing Your Business
We start by sending over our team to talk to you to get a clear picture of your business operations. A customized team can be created based on this business analysis and feasibility studies.
Creating Your Team
Based on our initial analysis, we create a team headed by a Project Manager, and we allow you to interview the entire team to assess our choice. You can rest assured that your team will meet your specifications.
Initiating Onboarding Sessions
Our screening process includes in-depth interviews that allow us to glean insightful information about the applicants’ technical and communication prowess, as well as their industrial acumen that is crucial for your organization.
Maintaining Constant Communication
It is the responsibility of our TaaS manager to keep you well-informed of the progress made in the onboarding process. We maintain seamless communication and give you every little detail until your team is ready to start.
Incredible Benefits of Our Team As A Service (TaaS)
Incredible access to a talent pool of hundreds of knowledgeable professionals to create a team that works for you
Cutting-edge infrastructure with state-of-the-art tech tools and systems to jumpstart your process without delay
Flexible choice of engaging our team from our premises, to help you cut down administrative and infrastructure expenses
Burden-free solutions that manage your entire TaaS team setup, deployment, logistics, and Non-Disclosure Agreements
High-level monitoring of the progress and clarity in addressing staff-related issues to ensure a smooth performance
Adaptable personnel who flexibly align with your organization’s work processes and company culture
Gain The Best ROI And
Agility With TaaS
Scale your business values and stay ahead of the competitive curve with the guidance of our experts. Let our team work for you!
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