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Wintegrity’s Outsourced Staffing Services cover the talent acquisition needs of mid-sized businesses and large organizations. We pull out all the stops to help you successfully attain world-class recruitment functions.

Our Outsourced Staffing Services gives you the finest resources to draw out high-level candidates and enroll them directly or online. Allying with Wintegrity empowers you with the benefit of our experience, industry knowledge, employer branding, and competitive edge.

Ours is an exclusive RPO service that harmonizes committed recruitment teams, cutting-edge technology, and the best methodologies that revolutionize your organization’s talent acquisition capabilities. Wintegrity’s USA Outsourced Staffing Services approach covers all the fine details of a recruitment process - from sourcing, interviewing, placing, and onboarding, to finalizing and following up, we do it all.

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Client-centric Outsourced Staffing Services

Wintegrity is the top outsourcing agency when it comes to delivering our services. Our Outsourced Staffing Services approach is structured to give consistent results and works for multiple industries across the USA. Want to know why we are the top choice?
Choosing Diverse Candidates
Our innovative USA Outsourced Staffing Services processes and talent mapping techniques enable us to pick out diversely talented individuals who show great promise while sorting out candidates who are not the right fit.
Utilizing Data Mining Techniques
We deploy data mining to give you access to talent data. You can glean insightful information to help you make better hiring decisions and to forecast your future hiring needs. We upgrade your processes and efficiencies.
Meeting Fluctuating Needs
Need scaling up or scaling down of your workforce? Our RPO solutions are versatile and flexible enough to work in tandem with the fluctuating industry needs because we understand how your business works.
Applying Hi-tech Infrastructure
Wintegrity is equipped with groundbreaking technology like no other recruitment agency. We are well-armed to technically deal with all the important aspects like recruitment marketing, measuring performance, and analytics.
Delivering Strategic Sourcing
Our team of resources and recruiters have all the technical skills, experience, and knowledge they require to make the most of all the available resources. We can find, assess, and hire exactly the right person for you.
Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction
We place our customers at the center of everything we do. We enjoy a high level of trust with our clients, who keep coming back to us for more services. We listen, we understand and we deliver.

Our Multi-pronged Approach That Assures Excellent Results

Defining Your Requirements
Our first goal is to understand your current and future plans to define your exact recruitment needs. A clear perspective is imperative to design a solution that complements you in every phase of growth.
Choosing The RPO Model
A successful RPO model should align perfectly to deal with your organization’s immediate challenges and augment your future goals. We guide you in choosing the RPO model that is just right for you.
Customizing Your Hiring Framework
We perfect a tested approach framework depending on your specifications. Our USA Outsourced Staffing Services teams collaborate with your teams to find the right professionals for the job- whether it is a single person or an entire crew.
Scaling Our Resources
Wintegrity can scale up or scale down our resources so that our efforts are proportionate to your needs. Our Outsourced Staffing Services teams are trained to intuitively respond to the requirements of our clients and candidates.
Impressive Benefits With Outsourced Staffing Services
High quality of hire that uses impressive assessment measures to deliver exceptional talents.
Significant reduction of cost-per-hire and time-to-hire, with an increase in productivity.
Transparent tracking and streamlining of performance through KPIs and SLAs.
Exceptional global reach with incredible recruiting capabilities to find the best talent.
Easy access to niche talents and scarce skills to fulfill unique job roles.
Exceptional savings on advertising expenses and additional costs.
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Discover extraordinary talent with outsourcing staffing services that help you build a super-strong workforce to scale new heights of success.
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