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Top Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services


Are you facing the repercussions of bad hires? Wintegrity has exactly what you need - robust temp-to-Hire staffing services that put you in the advantageous position of monitoring a candidate’s job efficiency before making a formal offer of employment.

Manage your expenses cleverly. Delegate resourceful employees to match your requirements. Our USA temp-to-hire staffing services enable you to make a comprehensive review of the chosen candidates before inducting them as your permanent staff.

Our holistic, transparent processes work similarly to that of temporary recruitment. Being the employee-oriented company that we are, we ensure that the candidate seamlessly transitions from being a contract resource to a hired resource.

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Multifaceted Approach For Temp-to-Hire Services

Analyzing Requirements
The first step in our approach is to understand and list your requirements in terms of the candidates’ professional criteria, educational qualifications, and other important parameters.
Deploying Resources
Armed with your requirements, we utilize our proven strategies and hi-tech tools to identify the right professionals from our talent pool and across various domains and resources.
Pre-screening Applicants
Our temp-to-hire customized process allows us to pick out the finest professionals whom we think are most apt for your requirements. Once that is done, we shortlist them to move on to our next step.
Interviewing Candidates
We set up interviews to give you the chance to have a one-on-one meeting with those who are shortlisted. The extensive interviews give you a better perspective of the candidate’s skills.
Concluding Formalities
We finalize the job offer only after thorough cross-referencing of the chosen candidate’s work history, job references, academic qualifications, certifications, and other criteria.
Offering Support
Post-contract follow-up and support are done by our recruitment team for all our temp-to-hire processes. The collected feedback allows us to make adjustments or quick replacements.

Temp-to-Hire Services With Notable Profits

We are one of the leading overseas recruitment agencies that offer matchless services that come with impressive benefits.
Reliable resources to facilitate, streamline, and augment the hiring process
Reduced screening time to help you avoid expensive processes and save time
Adaptable, low-risk procedures that permit you to find a replacement if the need arises
A beneficial trial period allows you to make crucial adjustments before hiring
An added advantage of arriving at better, performance-enhancing decisions
Focussed hiring procedures that empower you to choose only deserving candidates
Make Good Choices,
Not Bad Hires
Join hands with Wintegrity, one of the topmost temp-to-hire agencies. Hire the right people who will boost your progress.
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