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IT Outsourcing: Dedicated Team Model

Posted on : August 11, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team


Outsourcing is a contract in which one company hires another company to be in charge of a planned or existing activity. Companies may select to outsource IT services onshore, nearshore, or offshore. Nearshore and offshore outsourcing have usually been followed to save costs.

What Is the Dedicated Team Model?

A dedicated team is a business model that denotes an agreement between the client and service provider where the service provider will offer a “software project team” that is often self-sufficient in executing IT projects such as Application Development, and Application Modernization. Dedicated IT team services are available in three different setups:
• Full-service Development Teams
• On-demand Dedicated Team
• Maintenance Teams
The word “dedicated” IT team really means that the team will work only for one client and on projects prioritized by that client. The on-demand feature guarantees that you pay only when you “switch on” a dedicated team for a project and then “switch off” until you are ready with the next project.

Importance of Dedicated Team Outsourcing

• Continuous software development
• Merging the in-house and dedicated offshore team for faster turn-around
• Building an immediate response team
• Executing an agile project methodology
• Comprehensive progress reporting and visibility

When to Use the Dedicated Team Model?

• When you do not have resources for high priority short-term projects.
• Looking for a quality development team and have a limited budget for development.
• The requirements and goals aren’t clearly defined and are predicted to go through significant changes during the process.
• Working on a complex project that requires scalability and elasticity.
• To make use of a team with the same fixed billing.
• When you can leverage long-term strategic relationship with an offshoring partner who has proven experience.
Dedicated Team Model Advantages
• Shared work
• Flexibility in tasks
• High efficiency in the development process
• Availability of solution-based developer
• A predictable and well-defined budget
• Have a deep understanding of the client’s project and goals
• Stable and dedicated to the client
• Continuous communication

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

• Prioritize the needs
• Do market research
• Discuss the overall project
• Shortlist the candidates to build the team
• Deployment of the dedicated team

Benefits of Outsourcing

Contracting out operational tasks can offer numerous benefits, such as:
• Focus only on core operations
• Lower costs
• Promote growth
• Increase efficiency
• Maintain operational control
• Offer staffing flexibility
• Save on infrastructure and technology
• Access to skilled resources
• Time zone advantage
• Faster and better services
• Afford continuity and risk management
• Develop internal staff
• High quality
• Better return on investments


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