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Why Use a Retained Search Firm?

Posted on : September 24, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team

What Is a Retained Search Firm?

A retained search agreement, an executive search agreement, or retained recruitment is a personalized, high-touch recruitment model used to source and hire executive-level resources and candidates for niche roles. Retained Search draws its name from the retainer or fee a company pays upfront to keep the firm for the search duration.

In a retained search, a team of recruiters works closely with your company's management team, HR department, and other stakeholders like the board of directors to understand their expectations from the ideal candidate for the chosen role.

The staffing team looks not just for skills but also at various other factors such as:
• Business goals of the company
• Determining whether the candidate will adapt to the organization's culture
• Find out whether the ideal candidate will integrate well the rest of the team with whom they will have to collaborate successfully

Retained search firms use advanced analytics and assessment tools to narrow down a pool of candidates, presenting only the absolute best to the client for consideration.

Retained recruitment comes with an up-front cost to the client, but it's easily offset by the financial benefits the right candidate brings to the organization over the long run. An efficient new hire can drive innovation, increase revenue, and propel the company into a growth orbit. Making the wrong hire for mission-critical roles, on the other hand, can deter growth and, in the worst case, set it back a few years.

How Does Retained Executive Recruiting Work?

Retained recruiters work on an exclusive basis for a client. However, it is wise to explore alternatives such as flexible payment terms with a search partner you trust before committing to the one you'll later regret.

Remember, retained recruiters are working for businesses keen on gaining a competitive edge in onboarding the right candidate for a leadership position. These search firms can be large international firms or smaller boutique agencies that focus on specific industries. You have to do some homework to find the firm that has credibility and can fulfill your executive search needs.

Benefits of Retained Search Firm

• Higher priority level
• Lower risk of bad hires
• Finding rare skillsets
• More proactive
• Access to resources
• More customized
• Most vetted candidates
• Real-time updates
• Multiple choices so the best can be select

How to Evaluate a Good Retained Search Firm That Meets Your Needs?

There are many proven retained search firms. How do you select the right partner for your executive recruitment needs? Ask the following questions:

1. What is their approach?
2. How good is the firm's geographic reach?
3. How skilled are the recruiting team members?
4. What type of executive placements has the retained search firm completed in recent times?
5. Does the firm emphasize collaboration and discretion?
6. What are the other services offered by the firm that can complement Retained Search?
7. Can the firm provide current and credible testimonials and references?

Wintegrity Retained Search Firm

Finding and recruiting specialized talent is not an easy task. We at Wintegrity have the upper hand with unlimited access to an enormous database of qualified candidates. Our personalized strategies for Retained Search include unique assessment techniques that are beneficial for our clients looking to hire outstanding talent.

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