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Why Do You Need Outsourcing Staffing Services?

Posted on : June 18, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team
A business leader will recognize the fact that employees are an organization’s most valuable resources. Your employees are the drivers of growth and the face of your organization. Customer experience depends on how capable and motivated your employees are in serving your customers. In fact, your organization’s success depends on the type of people you employ.
Outsourcing staffing services will help you access a talent pool that you might not have access to otherwise. Engaging recruitment specialists will not just save you time and cost but will help you identify candidates who will propel your organization into the next growth orbit.

What Is Outsourced Staffing?

Outsourcing simply means engaging a third-party staffing service provider for identifying and recruiting new employees instead of depending solely on internal recruitment team. The benefits in augmenting your recruitment initiatives with outsourced staffing firms far outweigh the costs. Consider the following use cases:
A. Team expansions to support organic business growth and strategic growth initiatives/diversifications when your company decides to build new products, services or enter new markets.
B. Replacing employees who have been managing key functions within your company but have decided to move on.
C. Regular staffing requirements
In all the three scenarios outlined here, outsourcing staffing will make it easier and quicker.

Types of Outsourcing Services

Let us look at the classification of outsourcing companies based on location:
• Local outsourcing - selecting an outsourcing partner in your own country.
• Offshoring - finding a dedicated team outside of your country of operations.
• Nearshore outsourcing - a company in a country that is not far away from yours. For ex: Canada and United States.

What Are the Functions or Roles That Can Be Outsourced?

While outsourcing staffing services can help you find the resources across different roles in your organization, here are some of the top business functions for which companies engage staffing partners to identify right candidates: Information Technology – Software Development, IT Infrastructure Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics and Human Resources. This trend is applicable for companies across segments such as Manufacturing, Automotive, IT, Banking and Finance, Telecommunication, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities.
Why Do You Need Outsourced Staffing Services?
• Better quality talents
• Quick hiring
• Lower costs
• Larger talent pool
• Workforce flexibility
• Temporary-to-permanent opportunities
• Competitive advantage
• Focus on core business and revenue generation
• Continuity & Risk management
• Simplify Project Management
How to Choose Outsourced Staffing Agencies?
The following are the points you need to keep in mind before choosing your outsourcing partner:
• Estimate your staffing needs
• Determine the cost of services and contracts
• Understand the agency’s hiring process
• Based on their relative strengths, identify and rank potential staffing agencies
• Work with an agency that understands your business and have worked with your industry peers

Wintegrity - Outsourced Staffing Agency

Wintegrity is a reputed outsourced staffing agency that specializes in all aspects of recruitment and staffing, from sourcing, interviewing, placing, and onboarding, to finalizing and following up.

How Does Wintegrity Compare with Other Staffing Service Providers?

Wintegrity has a proven track record of working with companies across industries and is recognized as a trusted partner. Let us look at some of the reasons why:
• Bandwidth: Staffing for skillsets, roles, and levels including headhunting for leadership roles.
• Cost-effectiveness.
• Improved service quality and productivity with experienced recruiters.
• Reduction in payroll costs and HR management.
• Quick turnaround time without compromising quality.
• Current on newer technologies. Wintegrity is the sister company of Softura, a Global IT Services Company developing and modernizing applications based on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and Business Intelligence.
• Process driven organization.
• On solid legal footing with strict adherence to Confidentiality Agreements and Service Contracts (well-defined Terms and Conditions).
• Complete process transparency.
• Driven by leaders with experience across industries and geographies.
If you are interested in working with Wintegrity, visit or contact wintegrity Sales team at
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About Wintegrity
Wintegrity is one of the pioneering recruiting and staffing companies in North America. Our proven track record in organized recruitment and staffing empowers us to tap into unlimited resources to deliver a tailor-made workforce for your organizational requirements.
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