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Successful Job-Hunting Strategies

Posted on : June 3, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team

Why Is It Essential to Have Job-Hunting Strategies?

Searching for a new job can take some time and you must adopt different strategies to accelerate the process. By using job-hunting strategies, you can steadily advance your career and proceed onward to better opportunities.

Job-Hunting Strategies

• Networking
• Online job boards
• Recruiters
• Referrals
• Job fairs
• Company websites
• Cold calling
• Internships
• Walking in
• Newspapers
• Volunteering

Tips for Better Job Hunting

• Update your resume.
• Tailor your resume and cover letter.
• Be prepared.
• Apply to jobs you are under-qualified for and start acquiring skills.
• Send follow-up emails.
• Keep track of the applied jobs and obtain feedback.
• Learn job keywords.
• Ask for informational interviews.
• Be mindful of your online presence.

Job Hunting Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic

If you have lost your job due to COVID-19 or trying to change positions during this pandemic, do not panic and do not give up job searching. Although it can be challenging, there are ways you can effectively search for a job. Some industries are cutting back, but others are employing. Aggressive networking, relationship with the right recruitment and staffing agency, and a consistent approach to acquiring skills leveraging eLearning will help you find the next job.
Stay Positive During a Long and Fatiguing Job Search
It is easy for job hunters—or those stressed over losing their jobs—to get self-critical and lose their confidence. This pandemic has taken a toll on people both financially as well as emotionally. But you need to shore up your confidence and not lose hope.
It might seem difficult to remain positive when nothing appears to work for you. But do not attempt to compare your past successes with your present condition. This is a new world with a new normal and you need to adapt to changing realities. To remain rational, you should rearrange your expectations and change the way you look at things.
Tips to Handle This Situation Better
• Do not beat yourself up.
• Remember that you are remarkable.
• It is not personal.
• Find ways to keep yourself busy with productive endeavours.
• Think of what is next.
• Find meaning and purpose.
• Make some changes.
• Think positive thoughts.
• Find your inner strength.
• It is not failing—it's just a do-over.
• Engage with people.

To Create Your Next Job Opportunity, Follow These Steps

• Give yourself time before starting a job search.
• Review and revamp your resume and LinkedIn profile.
• Look at the complete market place – who is hiring?
• Rethink your career path.
• Consider work-from-home options.
• Be prepared for virtual interviews.

When Does It Make Sense to Utilize a Recruitment Firm to Help with Your Job Hunt?

If you feel trapped and you are not receiving calls for interviews, it makes sense to utilize a recruiter to expand your job search. This is more valid if you are in a high-level position and looking to move from strength to strength, since senior open positions are not generally advertised, and most companies leverage recruitment firms to headhunt for such positions.
Recruitment firms have extensive networks within companies across industries that you, as an individual, will probably not have. They can help market your resume and give you additional openings with potential employers. Recruiters spend their working hours looking for job openings. That is time researching employers that you will not need to spend.
Some employers look favourably at candidates represented and vetted by recruiters. In addition, you will have the help of a professional marketing your capabilities to the company. The recruiters can likewise assist you with arriving at the right compensation package.
With the help of experienced head-hunters and executive recruiters at Wintegrity, the hiring process can be much faster and less time-consuming and you can leverage the professional services of a proven recruitment firm.
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