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Staffing Trends in 2022

Posted on : January 12, 2022
By : Wintegrity Team

Pandemic-Related Staffing Challenges

The staffing industry had experienced a significant challenge in the last two years. Recruiters expect to deal with 2022 pandemic challenges, including
• Addressing health and safety concerns
• COVID-19 vaccination mandates
• Remote, onsite, or hybrid work type

Staffing Trends in 2022

Some of the top predictions for staffing trends in 2022 are
• Candidate acquisition
• Hiring immigrant employees
• Focusing on employee experience
• Valuing upskilling workers
• Finding soft skills
• Defining flexibility
• Winning new clients
• Candidate engagement
• Employer branding
• Client relationships
• Focus on diversified culture
• Remote work opportunities
• Automation and digitalization
• Predictive data analytics

Post-Pandemic Staffing Agencies Trend

The big question staffing agencies have now is what changes lie in this post-pandemic world? Some of the staffing trends have already seemed for some time while others are relatively new. Whatever the situation, consider them in the setting of your current business structure and plans for the future.
• Virtual recruiting
• Remote work
• Artificial intelligence (AI)
• Diversity and inclusion
Social media recruiting

How to find the best staffing agencies near?

• Evaluate your staffing needs
• Research on potential staffing agencies
• Evaluate the cost of services and contracts
• Understand the agency’s recruitment process
• Evaluate source its talent
• Staffing agency screening process
• Hiring process timeline
• Point of contact
• Seek an agency that treats candidates with respect
• Work with an agency that values your business

Benefits of Wintegrity Staffing Agency

Partner with Wintegrity staffing agency has the following benefits,
• Pipeline of qualified candidates
• Increased hiring speed
• Freedom from compliance hassle
• Flexible workforce
• Saves cost

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