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Staffing Agencies that Help You Find Jobs

Posted on : May 20, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team

Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

Recruiting and Staffing Agencies can be remarkable resources in your job search. A good agency focuses on matching your skills with several suitable job openings as they interface with potential employers. The employer bears the cost of the agency and hence a job seeker will never incur an expense.

Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting Agencies look for qualified candidates for permanent, full-time positions. These organizations are also called head-hunters or executive search services. They recruit, screen, and then refer candidates to an employer for an identified open position.

The Advantages of Utilizing a Recruiting Agency are:

• Gain regular access to unadvertised openings.
• A third party (the recruiting firm) is helping you match your skillsets and long-term goals to a job.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies match candidates with short-term opportunities as well as permanent positions, depending on the candidate’s choice. They are at times recognized as contract firms or employment agencies. When you finish a short-term work assignment, the agency looks for another project for you.

The Advantages of Leveraging Staffing Agencies are:

• You can gain work experience, get trained, hone skills, and build your network.
• You can earn money while you search for a permanent opportunity.
• It is easier to find better opportunities when you are already working on short-term projects.
• You might have the option to get more flexible hours or working conditions to accommodate your personal situation.
• Sometimes employers offer permanent positions to temp workers because they have proved themselves on the job.
• Through a temporary assignment, you can also evaluate an employer or a job before committing to a particular employer, or a particular career.
It is also prudent for you to have in mind that temporary employees do not get paid days off/vacation time. Most temporary positions also do not come with health insurance benefits or other such perks, but some staffing agencies try to extend insurance after you have worked for a particular period or for more than one assignment with the same agency.

Tips for Working with Staffing Agencies

Before you work with any staffing agency, discover what services they offer and what will be expected of you. Ensure you find out if it will cost you anything. For short-term contract work, find out about the pay, benefits, and duration. Also, let them know the hours and days you are available to work, and your transportation and compensation requirements.
Here are Some Additional Tips:
• Be professional.
• Be available.
• Identify/map your skillsets.
• Expand your job search.
• Check your benefits.

Benefits of Using a Recruiting and Staffing Agency

There are many benefits in using a recruiting and staffing agency to search for a job. Let us look at some of them:
• It’s free!
• You get professional assistance in searching for the right job.
• Unlock opportunities you never knew existed.
• Explore benefits and packages. Make informed decisions.
• They provide constructive feedback you can use to shape up better as a professional.

Types of Available Jobs

How to Find the Right Staffing Agency?

When you are searching for a staffing agency to work with, ensure you know the types of industries they serve, and whether they offer temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent jobs—or all three.
When you interview with a staffing agency, feel free to ask questions. Get complete information on pay package they negotiate on your behalf, types of jobs they typically fill, the industries they work with, and the average time it takes for a job seeker to land a job. The recruiter you work with is there to help you, so do not hesitate to gather all the information you want.
Find out if the agency offers any candidate services such as skill development workshops or resume-building services. If these are available, you should tap into it.
Wintegrity offers you best-in-class services with highly efficient recruitment and staffing services. As a candidate it does not cost you anything to list with us and explore opportunities. We have a proven track record of delivering successful staffing solutions to many businesses and industries across the USA.
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