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IT Staff Augmentation Services

Posted on : October 28, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is outsourcing human resources on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited time. This engagement model gives you the flexibility to quickly onboard people with niche skillsets to complete a time-sensitive project.

Types of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is specific to the following types of resource requirements:
• General – for roles that do not require niche or specialist skills.
• Niche Skillsets – when you need people with knowledge and hands-on experience in particular technologies.
• Highly Skilled – in terms of project execution and technology skills.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

The benefits of IT staff augmentation are
• Shortest recruitment time
• Lower operational costs
• Fewer legal hassles
• Access to specialists
• Flexibility to onboard resources for a limited period
• Gain a competitive advantage by reducing time to market
• Meet aggressive deadlines
• Maintain control of the project
• Direct communication
• High productivity
• Adaptability and expansion

When to Use IT Staff Augmentation Services?

IT staff augmentation is the best choice for your business if:
• You have an in-house team but want to extend the team
• You require specialists with specific technical skillsets
• You need the flexibility of using the resources only when there is a surge in demand or for a particular short-term project
• There are no qualified developers in your local area
• Need better control over the project

How to Choose a Staff Augmentation Partner?

When you are evaluating companies that provide IT staff augmentation services, it is best to check for the following parameters:
• Access to a talent pool
• Hiring techniques
• Market knowledge
• Transparency
• Add-on services
• Communication protocols
• Service levels and adherence to terms of the contract
• Commitment to data security

How IT Staff Augmentation Works?

You will go through the following steps when you embark on an IT staff augmentation engagement:
Requirements Analysis
• Client and Developers Meeting
• Developers Allocation
Project Management
• Process Compliance such as Quality Assurance, ISO Compliance
• Ongoing Support

Wintegrity Staff Augmentation Services

Wintegrity has a result-oriented model for IT Staff Augmentation. Our customer-centric services deliver talented tech professionals who will boost your in-house capabilities and empower you to complete your projects with zero liabilities.

Why Wintegrity Staff Augmentation Services?

Wintegrity, one of the top IT staff augmentation companies, delivers team augmentation services that support you to grow your business without worrying about resource limitations. Whether your business is a start-up, SME, or large enterprise, Wintegrity delivers a massive amount of flexibility and efficiency to your team on a temporary or long-term basis for specific projects.

Benefits of Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

• Efficient hiring
• Focused workforce
• Access to a larger talent pool
• Time flexibility
• On-time delivery
• Reduced operational costs and hiring time
• Highly qualified candidates
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