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Posted on : February 16, 2022
By : Wintegrity Team
Wintegrity is a leading international recruitment agency specializing in sourcing and recruiting top talents for our clients. We have successfully filled jobs in the USA and around the globe in Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Engineering, Safety, Project Controls, Planning, Cost Engineering, Estimating, Process Controls, R&D, Human Resources, Contracts Administration, Finance and Accounting, Medical, and many more.

How Does an International Recruitment Agency Work?

When a company needs to hire a new employee, they will usually provide a recruitment agency with a job description. This job description is then assigned to a team that searches their database to find relevant profiles. If there are no profiles that match the description, the recruiters will look at other sources such as job portals and social media sites. Once they find candidates matching the description, they will begin conducting interviews to find the best fit and refer the shortlisted pool of candidates to the employer.

Types of International Recruitment Agencies

The following are different types of recruitment agencies differentiated by their service offerings and recruitment methodologies:
Retained Recruitment Firms
Contingency Search Firms
Staffing Agency Recruiters
• Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies

How Does a Recruitment Agency Find Candidates?

Recruiters leverage the opportunity to connect with the right candidate through:
• Candidate Databases
• Job Boards
• Social media
• Networking

Things that you should look for in a good recruitment agency
• Look for agencies that have experience in your industry
• Learn about the awards or accreditations the agency posses
• Be willing to meet with the account manager or sourcing manager from the recruitment agency

Tips for Getting the Best Out of a Recruitment Agency

Spend some time connecting with a few recruiters. Here are a few tips:
• Meet with them in person
• Build a relationship with your consultant
• Be honest and transparent
• Keep in regular contact
• Be flexible with your job requirements

Key Benefits of working with an International Recruitment Agency

• Transparency
• Experienced recruiters
• Follow industrial standards
• Global reach
• On-time delivery
• Industry expertise
• Integrity
• Support

Top International Recruitment Agency Near

If you are looking for the top international recruitment agency, Wintegrity is the final destination where you would get qualified and skilled employees for your company. Our recruitment agency near you is ready to assist you. Connect with us and leverage exceptional recruiting services.

For more details, visit Reach us at (855) 281-0707 or contact the Wintegrity Sales team at
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Wintegrity is one of the pioneering recruiting and staffing companies in North America. Our proven track record in organized recruitment and staffing empowers us to tap into unlimited resources to deliver a tailor-made workforce for your organizational requirements.
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