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Guide for IT Outsourcing

Posted on : July 29, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team
Let us begin by taking a critical look at software development approaches: In-House Development versus Outsourced Development.

In-House Software Development

Here are a few scenarios that can extend the project turnaround time:
1. Lacking skillsets required to complete the project entirely in-house. You must recruit resources with the requisite competency. This is often a time-consuming and cost-inefficient way to approach software development.
2. Bandwidth limitation can cause high-impact, business-critical projects to be taken up after completing existing projects based on delivery commitments.

Outsourced Software Development

The right software development partner has people with the right skillsets, some of them on bench, ready to take up projects and begin at the earliest. You need to select the right vendor based on parameters such as geography and competency.

Geographical Considerations

1. Onshore – Situated in your country of business
2. Nearshore – Situated in an accessible, adjacent geography
3. Offshore – Situated in places such as Asia where expert resources with hands-on experience are available at competitively hourly rates
4. Blended Delivery Model – Vendors with presence onshore and offshore that offers the best return on your investment (ROI).

Competency Considerations

1. Full-Stack Capability – Capable of developing client (frontend) and server software (backend).
2. Custom Software Development – Enterprise, web and mobile applications
3. Cross-Platform Development
4. Technology Experience – Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Applications, Robotic Process Automation, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
5. Process Maturity – Agile, Scaled Agile, Kanban, DevOps, DevSecOps
6. Channel Partnership – Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Salesforce
Engagement Models
1. Project Outsourcing – Outsource End-to-End Software Development to your trusted partner
2. Dedicated Teams – Set up team pods with a mix of onshore-offshore resources with the required skillsets who will work closely with your in-house team and share workload in developing applications faster
3. Staff Augmentation – Quickly onboard coders and testers based on their knowledge and experience in specific programming languages

When Should You Outsource Software Development Projects?

• Resource Constraints – Lack of resources with required skillsets
• To fill specified roles
• Deal with complex projects
• Work on tight deadlines
• Seek expert support and consulting
• To maximize cost-efficiency

Steps to Take Before Outsourcing IT Projects

• Have clear goals
• Define the scope of engagement
• Set priorities
• Document your requirements

How to Choose the Right Software Development Partner for your Company?

• Define the requirements
• Make a list of top-rated software development companies
• Analyse technical skills and capabilities of the company
• Check their portfolio
• Assess communication and workflow
• Assess Quality Assurance – Manual and automation testing capabilities
• Evaluate standardized security protocols (Information Security Certification), Software Development Lifecycle Approach (Agile+ DevOps), Process Maturity (CMMI Certifications), and Compliance (Continuous Process Improvement and Monitoring Programs)
• Competencies of available software engineers
• Full range of services

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Projects

• Experienced IT professionals available on-demand
• Faster project turn-around
• Better return on investment
• Increased operational capacity
• Flexible engagement
• Automation opportunities of routine work

Possible Outcomes of Outsourcing IT Projects

• Boosted productivity
• Reduced burn rate
• World-class talent

Wintegrity Outsourcing Software Development Company

Wintegrity is the best outsourcing software development company delivering outsourcing IT services worldwide and works to deliver robust, scalable, and reliable solutions to customers. We provide services to organizations from startups to enterprises, product companies to digital agencies, and SMEs to governments.
Even while remote working, customers will have the flexibility and full control over the projects. Here are some of the other reasons how Wintegrity differentiates from other outsourcing software development companies:
• Highly creative & motivated teams
• Understand business needs
• Result-driven approach
• DevOps enablement
• In-depth domain knowledge
• Non-disclosure agreement
• Integrity & transparency
For more details, visit Reach us at (855) 281-0707 or contact the Wintegrity Sales team at
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