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Decoding Permanent Placement Service

Posted on : November 10, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team

What Is Permanent Placement Service?

Permanent placement service providers are agencies that create staffing solutions for companies. Large companies with high-volume hiring needs prefer working with reputed permanent placement agencies. But small and medium-sized businesses can also use placement services when they need to fill positions quickly.

The permanent placement agencies bring candidates in for interviews and then work to place them with the company. They can help you hire for various positions within administrative, accounting, human resources, engineering, sales, and marketing departments.

The primary role of these agencies is to help organizations find qualified candidates who will be successful in their roles. When you partner with the right agency, you can rest assured of finding people with the right skillsets and personality traits who will fit in your organizational culture.

Why Permanent Recruiting?

Candidates looking for a job prefer to work through placement agencies. It offers a guided, hassle-free approach to finding the best opportunities in terms of position, location, salary, and benefits.

For employers, it takes less time to find suitable candidates for open positions. When employers outsource recruiting to a reputed placement agency, they can focus their time on other needs such as training and performance assessments for current employees.

Permanent Placement Process

A systematic methodology for efficient permanent placement delivery is:
• Identifying requirements
• Creating a plan
• Screening applications
• Arranging interviews
• Selecting candidates
Advantages of Permanent Placement Services
• Improved hiring quality
• Reduced hiring expenses
• Real-time tracking

Why Wintegrity Permanent Placement Services?

We utilize our vast talent pool to deliver easy and quick access to exceptional candidates that our clients need. We encourage our staff to stay updated with the recent market trends and technology, so the work gets done effectively.

Benefits of Wintegrity Placement Services

• Cost-effective hiring processes
• Reliable recruitment of talents
• Goal-oriented process
• Highly-skilled workforce

How Do We Stand out from Other Placement Agencies?

• Expertise
• Customer satisfaction
• Cost-effective solutions
• Certified professionals
• Extensive database

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