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Benefits of Temp to Hire

Posted on : September 8, 2021
By : Wintegrity Team

What Is Temp-To-Hire?

A temp-to-hire is when a company hires someone on a short-term contract and then decides to either renew/extend the contract or hire them for full-time employment. A temp-to-hire is an effective employment strategy to assess the employee’s performance and skills before making the hire permanent.
Temp-to-hire positions are becoming more popular recently, with companies preferring to keep their workforce flexible with contractors and freelancers. This way, businesses can quickly assess the performance and skills of potential employees without any commitment.

How Does Temp-to-Hire Work?

A temp-to-hire position is often a seasonal job for a limited duration of time. As a temporary contract employee, the temp does not have the same benefits and legal protections as permanent employees.
Once the temporary contract expires, the employee can renew the contract for a more extended period or renegotiate with the company to join as a permanent employee.
Employers prefer to work through recruitment and staffing agencies for temp-to-hire contracts since the agency identifies suitable candidates, negotiates with them, and handles all the paperwork.
Compared to the probationary period in permanent employment contracts, the evaluation period for a temp-to-hire is more. Temp-to-hire offers flexibility to both the employer as well as the employee.

What Are the Benefits of a Temp to Hire Position?

Companies mainly use temp-to-hire positions because it allows them to test out the job and the candidate before hiring them permanently. Temporary workers are less expensive than permanent employees, making temp-to-hire positions an attractive choice for companies looking for affordable labor.

How does an employee benefit from a temp-to-hire arrangement?

• Ability to better manage work-life balance
• Assess before committing for a longer-term engagement
• Try different jobs before choosing a permanent career
• Opportunity to enhance resume with work experience

How does an employer benefit from a temp-to-hire arrangement?

• Flexibility to meet a temporary surge in demand for resources
• Provides time to evaluate performance before offering a full-time position
• Time and cost savings

Why should you work through a recruiting and staffing agency for temp-to-hire contracts?

• Minimize time and cost by leveraging the agency’s extensive database of available resources
• Make use of professional services such as arranging interviews, follow-ups, paperwork, and assistance during the renewal of the contract
• Better retention as the agency handles the relationship with the candidate
• You do not have to advertise for open positions

The Process of Hiring a Temp Through a Trusted Agency

Hiring a temp is a great idea if you’re looking for help for a one-time project or need someone to cover an extended absence. If you’ve never hired a temp before, it can be challenging to know where to start. You can find temporary employees through job boards on the internet or in your local classified section. But the most cost-effective and time-saving approach will be to find out if there is a temporary placement service provider in your area. You can reach out to reputed staffing agencies and see what they have available.
A quick search can help you find the best temp agency near you. The first place to start is by typing in “temp agencies near me” into google and then narrowing down your search by location and type of job. You can also research the internet about the company that provides temporary employees in your neighborhood or city by checking out their website, social media sites, and reviews online.

How Does the Temp-to-Hire Process Work from Start to Finish?

The temp-to-hire process starts with the client interviewing and screening applicants. Depending on the client, this screening may be either informal or formal. The company selects the most qualified candidate for the job, after which they offer them a contract of employment. Once the temporary hire candidate reviews and signs this contract, they will start their new position as an employee with responsibilities outlined in their contract of employment.


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